To purchase a painting

To view Rachael’s available work please visit Capital Culture Gallery.

Rachael frequently exhibits her work at art fairs and exhibitions across the globe. To be kept informed about her upcoming shows please subscribe to the Capital Culture Gallery Newsletter.


Rachael is happy to paint commissions and has completed many successful pieces over the years.  Typically, she will ask the customer to specify the exact dimensions of the work and tell her where it will hang and what location or subject matter they would like featured.  This can also include a direction in terms of palette based on her previous paintings.  Where a location is specified Rachael will visit to capture the view from which she will work.

Rachael then usually produces two pieces for you to choose from.  No deposit or extra charge is asked for commissions based on locations in the UK or Europe, as we are confident that if you like Rachael’s style, you will love what she paints for you.  If you are not completely happy with the result then there is no obligation to buy.

The usual turn around time from initial commissioning to producing a finished piece is around six to eight weeks.

For more information on a commission please contact Capital Culture Gallery